In order for CodeGuard to access your database for backup, you may need to whitelist CodeGuard’s IP addresses. The way to do that varies by web hosting company and platform. We’ve written this article to help you whitelist codeguard IP addresses on cPanel, which may be necessary for CodeGuard to function correctly in backing up your website and database(s).

Before starting, the guide assumes you have a working cPanel account with access to your dashboard, in addition to having all your sites and databases added and working.

How to White CodeGuard IP addresses in cPanel:

  1. Navigate to Remote SQL

    In, cPanel, find the My Databases section, then select “Remote SQL.”

  2. Enter IPs

    Enter the IP Address(es) you want to list in the given field:

    Whitelist the following IP addresses:

    1. 236.233.46
    2. 236.233.28
    3. 174.91.34
    4. 174.153.212
    5. 174.115.171
  3. Click Add Host.

Congratulations, CodeGuard database backups should now be functioning properly with cPanel.

Note: If CodeGuard is still unable to access your database, contact your web hosting support team. They may need to adjust the firewall on your account.