Collecting the Certificate

  1. Collect the certificate in any browser.
    1. If Chrome is used, the file may be DER and should be converted to PEM before it is imported into Keychain.
  2. Import the certificate into Keychain through File > Import Items.
  3. In the Destination Keychain pop-up menu, choose the keychain you want to import to (should be the same one containing the private key i.e. Login), then click Open.
    1. You may encounter an error message stating the certificate could not be imported. This is usually a false error and the certificate is correctly imported. 
  4. Locate the imported certificate and its matching key. Highlight both items by pressing Command when clicking on each one.
  5. Click File on top toolbar and select Export Items.
  6. Save the new file with an easily recognizable name and make sure the format is set to Personal Information Exchange (.p12). You may be required to set a new password on this file.