Code Signing certificates are now required to be installed on physical hardware tokens. For standard Organization Validation (OV) or Individual Validation (IV) Code Signing certificates, you can either purchase pre-configured certificate tokens, or you can order a certificate to be installed on an existing hardware device you already own.

When purchasing your code signing certificate, you can choose the Certificate Delivery Method that works best for you. Please make sure to select the correct certificate delivery method before you complete your purchase, as the method cannot be changed afterward.

Token + Shipping

To order a pre-configured token from the Certificate Authority, select the Token + Shipping method. The cost of the hardware and the shipping fees will be included in the purchase price.

Most users should consider this option.

Install on Existing HSM (Advanced Users)

If you already own a compatible Hardware Security Module (HSM) and would prefer to install the code signing certificate on your own device, select the Install on Existing HSM method. You must already own the HSM device and should be familiar with the associated software, as you will be required to provide an Attestation bundle for your HSM when you generate the certificate. We recommend this method for advanced users only, as we cannot provide support for third-party hardware.

The following HSM brands are supported:

What If I Chose the Wrong Method?

The certificate delivery method cannot be changed after your purchase is completed. If you need to use a different certificate delivery method, please cancel your order through your account dashboard and purchase another certificate with your preferred method selected.