Personal Authentication Certificates can be generated using the Microsoft Edge browser with Internet Explorer mode enabled. Through this method, the browser will create and store the certificate private key, which makes it easier to install the certificate. 

Please note that the only browser that can generate a certificate key is Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode enabled. You will need to take a few steps to enable Internet Explorer mode before you fill out the order form in Edge. Order Form URL

First, you'll need the URL for your order. Click the Generate button on your order in any browser to get this URL.

Enable Internet Explorer Mode

In your Edge browser, go to settings and locate the Default Browser menu. (URL: edge://settings/defaultBrowser)

On Default Browser page, locate Internet Explorer compatibility section.

Make sure "Allow" is selected, then click Add.

In the Add a Page field, paste the complete URL for your order. 

 Once added, you should see the URL in the list of IE mode sites.

Generate the Certificate

Go to the certificategeneration URL in your Edge browser. Make sure the Internet Explorer mode banner is showing before you fill out the order form. Do not click the Open in Microsoft Edge button!

You should immediately see a Web Access Confirmation pop-up. Click YES. If you click NO, or you do not get this pop-up, the certificate cannot be generated.

You may now fill out your order form with the required information. 

For the CSR option, select Use My Browser to generate the CSR. The default Advanced Private Key Options are recommended.

Once the order form is filled out, click Submit to finish placing the order. You will receive your order ID number on the next page.

Approval and Next Steps

You should receive an approval email from the Certificate Authority <[email protected]> shortly after placing the order. If your certificate requires organization validation, you may be required to provide documentation before the certificate can be issued. Otherwise, the certificate will be available to download from your dashboard shortly after you complete the approval email.

Your next step will be to import the certificate file into your Edge browser and complete the installation. Click here for import/installation instructions.