There are several ways to generate and collect your Personal Authentication Certificate. However, the best collection method to use depends on how you first generated the certificate.

Sectigo Certificate Collection

As soon as your personal authentication certificate is issued, you should receive an email from Sectigo containing a link to the certificate collection page.

On the collection page, there are two options.

Download PKCS#7 Certificate

The first option is to download a PKCS#7 (P7B) certificate. This file contains your email certificate and the intermediate and root chain certificates from Sectigo. 

You should download the P7B file if you used the Edge with IE Mode browser generation method, or if you created your CSR in Mac OS Keychain.

Generate Certificate Bundle

If you used the Manual CSR generation method and you have the matching private key saved, you can generate the certificate PKCS#12 (PFX) bundle right here on Sectigo's collection page. 

Click Choose File and upload the private key. The key is not saved by Sectigo, it's just used to create the PFX file locally. 

Create a password for the PFX file and click Download Bundle.

You can install the PFX file on your computer using the password that you created on Sectigo's collection page.

Download CRT from Dashboard

Your personal authentication certificate is also available for download from your account dashboard on this storefront. Click the Download Certificate button to receive a zip folder containing the following files:

CER - CRT Folder

Your email certificate - the file name is a string of numbers with the .crt extension

Intermediate CA bundle

PKCS7 Folder

Your certificate and intermediate certificates combined in a P7B file

Plain Text Folder

Your certificate in text format

Intermediate CA bundle in text format

These files work best on Windows and may require reformatting to install on Mac - please reference the Mac OS Certificate collection guide linked below.

Installation Instructions

Once you have obtained the certificate file, you can follow the installation guide that fits your generation method.

Use my browser to generate CSR (Edge browser with Internet Explore mode ONLY) - follow the Import/Install Certificate with Edge Browser guide to install the certificate. 

Manual CSR (private key saved) - use Sectigo's collection site to download PFX file, OR use an online tool to convert certificate and key to PFX. 

Manual CSR (Mac OS) - follow the Mac OS Certificate collection guide to install the certificate.