Generate Your Personal Authentication Certificate

Certificate generation is a quick and easy process.

On the enrollment form, fill out the user information for the certificate. For an Enterprise level certificate, you will also provide your organization's information, including legal name and physical address.

When the information is set, check the agreement box and click Continue to submit your order.

Advanced Configurations

  • Include Email Address in Certificate Subject Field
    • Check this box if your certificate Subject must include the email address.
  • Manually Submit my CSR
    • Check this box if you need to upload your own Certificate Signing Request. We do not recommend this option as it requires you to manually combine your certificate and private key before you can use it. You will not be able to collect the complete certificate from Sectigo if you submit a CSR.

Validation and Approval

For Basic and Pro level certificates, you should soon receive a verification email from [email protected]. Follow the steps in this email to complete verification and issue your certificate.

If you have an Enterprise-level certificate, you must complete email verification as well as Organization Validation.

The Organization Validation process can take several business days and may require documentation.

When the certificate is ready to be collected, you will receive a collection link via email from Sectigo.

Collect Your Personal Authentication Certificate

Note: You cannot access this collection page if you submitted a CSR during generation.

  1. On the Sectigo Certificate Application page, select “Generate CSR Automatically” and click REQUEST MY CERTIFICATE NOW.
  2. On the next page, you will enter a new password for your certificate under “Generate Certificate bundle”. We recommend you save a copy of this password as you will need it when you install the certificate on your device.
  3. Click DOWNLOAD BUNDLE to save your certificate. 
  4. On Windows, you may be prompted to download and save 3 separate files: a PKCS#12 certificate and separate public and private keys. 
  5. On Mac, you may only download 2 files: a PKCS#12 certificate and separate public key. The private key may not be included as a standalone file.
  6. The PKCS#12 file can be installed on both Windows and Mac without any further conversion steps.

Manual CSR Collection Method

If you submitted a CSR during generation, please refer to the Manual CSR Generation and Collection Guide.